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Houses replacements in Japan

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Today, I’m going to talk about a peculiar habit that the Japanese have adopted regarding buying oneself a house. If you are from America or Europe, and plan to buy or have already bought a house, you might have – at best – redecorated it and fixed a few things here and there. In no […]

Osaka Cosplay Event 2019 (parts 4 & 5/5)

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Yes, I could’ve simply made 4 parts, but before sorting all the photos (more than 150), I had expected that it’d be fine doing it in five times. So in the end, I selected 90 photos, and I really hope you had a good time watching them, although the picture quality is far from being […]

Osaka Cosplay Event 2019 (part 3/5)

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Tadaaaaa! Part three, 20 photos, feels like Christmas, right? Enjoy :3

Osaka Cosplay Event 2019 (part 2/5)

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Here comes the second part with 30 photos. Enjoy!

Osaka Cosplay Event 2019 (part 1/5)

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Finally! Finallyyyyyy! I’ve been living in Japan for more than 5 years now, and I never took the time to go to a cosplay event (as a spectator, although I’d love to cosplay). So that time, I decided to grab my lovely コマジェ and head to Nanba (or Namba). And guess what, it was totally […]

Star Wars is coming

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I read yesterday on that the newly released Star Wars Battlefront (that has received an average score of 7/10 from the worldwide press, which in the gamers’ mind sucks because, well, it’s Star Wars man!) sold very well in Japan for its first week (123.908 units). As if in Japan, the Jap’ didn’t know […]

100円 bakery [part1]

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Today let’s talk about a chain we discovered a few weeks ago: どれでも100円パン Which means “Anything for 100円”. Let’s see what they have to offer us.

Food, food, food (1)

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If you haven’t read my first post about food in Japan (カレーハウス Coco), you probably don’t know that Japan and food are sharing quite a love story. I’m not a food worshipper – I can stay without eating for quite long (in 2013 I fasted for 7 whole days without eating anything :p ) – […]

Fruits Juices that are not juices (1)

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In every country you’ll unfortunately find some awful food sold in supermarkets or wherever it is possible. Usually linked to cheap prices, it’s not a systematic rule. Be it meat, cereals, drinks, cookies, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, etc.

カレーハウス Coco, the house of curry

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I’m about to reveal one of the most important secrets about Japan. Please be aware that it may totally change the way you see the World.