koma2Biwa-chan warmly welcomes you !

This blog is about that crazy wannabe-chicken from the Japanese TV serie Usavich : named here BIWA (chan) (originally コマネチ [Komanechi] in Japanese). If you check the meaning of biwa in Japanese, I’m sure you’ll easily make the link between that weird-looking chicken and its name. Oh by the way, “its” name ? Well, I guess it depends on you to determine whether it’s a he or a she. Or both, perhaps ?

That blog will be the best opportunity to see him (let’s assume it’s a kinda boy) through all the places he has visited so far. But of course, it’s not only a matter of photographs (otherwise I would have simply made a gallery), as there will be some interesting/useful (or prentending to be so) information about – for example – places, monuments, etc. such as sushi in Japan, vines (and wine) in France, expensive but crappy accommodations in London, and so on.

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Elephant and Castle
London Tower Bridge
Londonian Taxis and Buses
The Underground
Hyde Park
Japanese restaurant in London