How to simply retouch your photos with your phone

Nowadays, most people own a smartphone (running on Android or iOS [if so, just remember that nobody is perfect]). And it sometimes is very useful to take photos with it. I actually do it a lot. It’s easy, fast and convenient. But of course the quality is not as good as what a camera does (I mean a good camera, not a crappy compact one). But carrying a big camera can be a real pain, as you’ll have to keep it around your neck or in your backpack and not just in your pocket. So let’s see what a smartphone can do.

There are several programs that you can download for free or buy.
In that article I’m going to show you how to retouch your photos using PicShop, a pretty cool program available on both Android and iOS. It’s very user-friendly with a clear interface and some nice filters. Everything is automatically done, which is a real pleasure, especially when you’ve got zero knowledge or so in 2D.
But there are other similar programs that you’d probably like to try. They all work more or less in the same way.

So first, download and install it. Once it’s done, open it. You must have something like that (it’s an Android version, but I assume that the iOS one must be close to that, if not identical):


Launch PicShop, and tap the icon with the flower inside:


Browse your files and open the photo you want to enhance (usually located in the Gallery).




Once your photo’s been opened, choose Edits then AUTOFIX:


There you can have 2 things automatically fixed by the program: brightness and contrast. I usually tick only brightness, and it gives amazing results. Just tick and see the difference. If you are satisfied with the new result, just apply.

photoretouching_picshop05 photoretouching_picshop06

 Sometimes – but it’s very rare – the autofix can be worse than doing nothing, as you can see below. In such a case, it’s better not to tick anything (you can try the contrast), and directly go to the next step.

photoretouching_picshop07 photoretouching_picshop08

The next step is getting better colors. Go to Filters, slide to the right and choose HIGH COLOR:


You’ll see that it’s now way too strong. So you’ll have to move the cursor to the left to reduce this effect. By default, I set it before the “d” of Discard. Once you’ve obtained a nice result, tap Apply.


We’re almost done! Now it’s time to save your new photo. Don’t worry, it won’t erase your original photo but will create a new one. Tap the kind of door icon with an arrow inside, then choose Save.


Now choose your output size. I usually select Ultra High, but it’s up to you.


And that’s it! Your work has just been saved! You can now enjoy your new amazingly enhanced photo and show off!


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