Fruits Juices that are not juices (1)

In every country you’ll unfortunately find some awful food sold in supermarkets or wherever it is possible. Usually linked to cheap prices, it’s not a systematic rule.
Be it meat, cereals, drinks, cookies, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Well that happened to us last week when we bought one liter of Orange juice, and one liter of Apple juice from the same brand.
The funny thing is that the price was acceptable (around 100円, quite cheap but not that cheap) and the packaging was colourful therefore attractive. I call the latter “the Chinese way”. Why? Because in order to sell most of their crappy stuff, the Chinese often create some amazing appealing packagings or well shaped products, so that you buy first for the appearence without thinking too much about the real content (such as Chinese phones, you can read some of my reviews on my website).
That’s what I feel happened with this brand. But we are in Japan. So WTF?!

Anyway, let’s talk about the taste.
– The orange juice
Probably one of people’s favourite fruits juice, we all know what an orange tastes. It tastes good (unless you are weird, but I’m assuming you’re not), it tastes fresh. Well, in that particular case, it tastes… artificial vitamin C. You know, the effervescent orange tablets you can buy in a drug store. That was EXACTLY the same. And to be honest, we couldn’t even finish the bottle. What a waste.
Even the colour was suspicious: too clear, kind of too liquid, abnormal texture.
– The apple juice
One of the best kinds too, refreshing, sweet, nice.
Frankly speaking, that one doesn’t taste bad, it just tastes light. Way too light. Like you’ve got one crushed apple for 500mL of water. But it’s a 100% juice, so what’s wrong with that brand???

Now the name of that brand and photos, so that if you were to buy some juices, you won’t make the same mistake as we did.
Meito Fruits Juicer Orange 100% – メイトー フルツジューサー オレンジ100%
Meito Fruits Juicer Apple 100% – メイトー フルツジューサー アップル100%



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